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Having a stable full-time job does not necessarily imply having enough money. Sometimes we need to make extra money to cover certain expenses, pay debts, buy a commodity or save money. If people are happy with their jobs, but they in need of more money, the answer is to explore other skills and do certain sporadic activities to win extra money during spare time.
1. A new popular way to earn money is blogging. If you are a good writer and are particularly skilled in some specific subject, then this is the job for you. There are many ways to earn money with blogging, and some require a low level of commitment and offer a great flexibility in time and workload. You can do it independently or for another party. However, earnings are not reliable. There are many factors to consider and income is not a stable.
2. Tutor. If you speak a second language or a particularly clever in some subject, tutoring might be a good idea. As well, if you are better on computer science, you can offer assistance on informatics issues.
3. Swimming classes or aerobics. If you are a personal trainer but this is not your profession, some intermittent particular fitness classes might be the answer. Train somebody gives you the liberty of agreeing your terms and being your own boss.
4. On the current economic crisis, many people have resolved to selling second-hand things. Jewelry, especially gold, are highly valued since they do not get devalued as much as second-hand electronic devices.
However, the key for financial trouble is to not spend more than you can afford, particularly in objects that you do not really need. It is also important to consider eating at home instead of eating out, or saving electricity or restricting the use of the phone to important calls.

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